We value quality

For us, it’s not about how many candidates we place. It’s about finding the perfect candidate. That’s why a partner exclusively undertakes every stage of your project, to ensure you get the utmost attention and avoid any information dilution in the process.

We respond to your challenges with enthusiasm and focus relentlessly on the task. We measure our success by the value the candidate adds to your business – helping you to achieve outstanding results, always within your timeframe.


We keep it personal

We are inquisitive by nature. We invest fully in knowing you as a business and as a person to develop an in-depth understanding of your vision, your business model, your people and the culture you want to instil in your organisation.

Every search is unique, so we adjust our methodology to create a highly personalised plan of action. As entrepreneurs, we share your aspirations and align ourselves with you to help you exceed your potential.


We collaborate strategically

Our approach is simple. We see ourselves as your partner, anticipating your current and future needs. We analyse the bigger picture and identify how your candidate will fit within it.

We share your ambition, and clearly structure our mapping, research, processes and approach to suit your goals. But more than that. We work as consultants, able to solve complex problems creatively and sensitively – always with your best interests in mind. We are proud to act as your ambassador to enhance and expand your brand awareness on the market.


We act transparently

Honesty is more than just the best policy. It is our guiding principle. Whatever you need, you can count on us to share our knowledge objectively, impart our experience sincerely and communicate our opinions considerately. Everyone deserves respect, transparency and dedication. We’re in this together.


We promote development

We care deeply about helping people and businesses achieve an exceptional level of performance.

We aim to over-deliver, create exceptional value for our clients throughout and after the recruitment process, and make a measurable impact in everything we do. It means we delight and surprise our clients and candidates, enabling them to develop professionally and personally.


We share knowledge

We’ve specialised in international search campaigns for digital and software companies for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to meet, work with and learn from the most fascinating digital leaders across the globe.

We have built up a wealth of knowledge of the business models and challenges faced within the sector. This experience has enriched our approach, refined our skills and honed the qualities needed to be successful headhunters. Today, we can draw on an unrivalled global network of contacts for every new project and are happy to facilitate introductions when relevant.


We respect culture

Our business has no borders. Having lived and worked in five European countries, we have a deep appreciation and care for our clients’ and candidates’ culture.

We are discerning in our search, insightful in our findings and valued for our emotional intelligence. Irrespective of background, we are here to help you, your candidate and your business to flourish as leaders.

We have a unique and highly personalised way of finding inspired leaders to join your business.